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It’s a law in the California state of the US that property seller must disclose it to the seller if the property is in a hazard-prone area. We know that it’s not easy to get this information. In order to facilitate buyers as well as sellers, Snap NHD’s Founder and CEO, Will Caldwell, established SnapNHD.

SnapNHD is an online platform that assists property sellers in extracting detailed information about the risks to their property. All you need to do is to visit our website and you can order a comprehensive report, highlighting whether or not your house is prone to get damaged due to natural hazards.

The head office of our company is in California State and was set up in 2016. The company is registered with the local government.

Why SnapNHD?

NHD reports are published by independent companies. So, why should you prefer our reports over others? Here’s why:

Comprehensive Reports

NHD reports are provided for specific transactions. Our reports include all the required information such as tax information, natural hazard determinations, and special assessments.

Quick Service

When you have to sell off your house on an urgent basis, then SnapNHD is there for you. We provide detailed reports within 15 minutes. You can receive them via email or text message. It saves you from hassles and helps you sell your house without unnecessary delays.

Our company is the fastest in the industry and holds the record of the most reports delivered within a minute. Isn’t that great?

Best Pricing

If you compare our quotes with other companies, you’ll notice that we offer the best pricing to our valuable customers.


At SnapNHD, we offer insured reports to our clients. All parties involved in the particular real estate transaction are covered with an E&O insurance policy.

Efficient Staff

Our efficient staff is at your service. Whether you’re facing trouble in understanding the NHD report or need guidance on how to make the most of our service, you can get in touch. Send us an email, contact us via text message or discuss your problem via live chat.


If not for the innovative technology, we may not have been able to provide the most comprehensive reports in a brief time.

Residential and Commercial Reports

We offer comprehensive NHD reports to our residential as well as commercial clients.

Residential Reports

  • Premium Residential Report – It includes natural hazard disclosures, tax information, hazard maps, and environmental disclosures
  • Standard Residential Report – It covers a hazard map, natural hazard disclosures, and relevant tax information
  • Tenant Flood Report – This report highlights flood maps and food disclosure information

Commercial Reports

  • Premium Commercial Report – It comprises of natural hazard disclosures, hazard maps, tax information, and environmental disclosures
  • Standard Residential Report –This report reveals a hazard map, taxinformation, and natural hazard disclosures

SnapNHD is the most popular name when it comes to the NHD industry. So, get in touch with us today and order a detailed report that explains whether or not your property is in a hazard zone.

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