Positive Reviews of NPI

You simply cannot find a better inspection team than NPI. To start I got my appointment right away. Having the two owners and operators of the business onsite, doing the inspection themselves, made a huge difference. Not only was it extremely thorough, they were able to move through the house efficiently, cutting down unnecessary time while having two sets of experienced eyes analyzing hundreds of items in the house. The listing agent was begging for their card by the time we were done. And the detailed report- far beyond my highest expectations. Their prices are competitive, the warranties extend beyond others we have spoken to and the expertise they showed was beyond comparison. I couldn't be happier about my decision to use NPI and I will recommend them to anyone I know who is purchasing or selling a home.


Negative Reviews of NPI

This company was recommended by our realtor. While the inspector did take time to answer all of our questions we feel that a thorough inspection was not performed. After having moved in we discovered 10's of thousands of dollars in needed repairs that could have been avoided had the inspector had our backs and not the back of the realtor. I would never go through a company that your realtor recommends. Pay the extra money for a second inspection as well. It will save you time and money in the end. The home warranty 90 day thing that they sell is BS as well. It does not cover things such as mold. Read the fine print.

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