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I have been with Travelers Insurance for over three years now. A few years ago, we had tornadoes come through the are and there was a terrible hail storm with them. I called Travelers and they came out the next day with a local roofer to inspect the roof. The inspector even climbed the ladder to our roof to make sure there was no damage and he walked the perimeter of the house just in case we might have missed something. We really love this company. We have not had better customer service with anyone else.…



Travelers is just simply the worst. Completely unreasonable. They shirk ALL responsibility, nickel and dime you, and are above all SNEAKY. They're rude and completely useless. As soon as I'm done dealing with this claim (which I'm getting ROYALLY SCREWED ON) I'm dropping them like a bad habit (if they don't drop me first). I bought a home in July... discovered a bad mold problem that wasn't known about at the time of purchase. I understand how this stands outside of the existing policy... however-on top of this- we had a REALLY bad rain/wind storm and there was then water coming into my home that was seemingly not happening before purchase (since the house appeared dry every time I visited, walked through, and had the inspection). Well, this water came in and all over the wall that had mold inside and now exposed and instead of covering the damage due to cross contamination, they are fighting tooth and nail. I had to hire a public adjuster to get them to cover anything at all. My Traveler's adjuster is completely inexperienced, and a total mess. She has no idea what's going on, and goes behind people's backs to try to trip up either ServiceMaster, my Contractors, my public adjuster, or myself by twisting words and falsifying statements. RUN FAR FAR FAR AWAY!!!

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